Rendezvoused in Reno

Toni and SuzThis is a picture of my extremely entertaining friend and roommate, Toni sidled up to her most favorite author, Suz Brockmann. Can’t you just see the glee in Toni’s eyes? It’s there for a reason!

Toni and I attended a get together of Suz’s and this was the point in the conference where I had never laughed so hard! It was a great time and we were well entertained, as well as awestruck over how down to earth and likable Suz really is. Not to mention her husband. And her friend Eric. And her mom. And her dad. (Oh yeah, they were there too!)

Suz’s husband is Ed Gaffney and he’s now published too. I’m looking forward to picking up Premeditated Murder and giving it a go. I’m thinking if he’s got Suz for a critique partner, he’s going to do just fine.

Suz & CrewHere’s a picture of Suz and her crew who entertained us with Eric’s spoof skit of Suz’s books to date.
From left to right back row: Eric, Rob Mann (as Sam Starrett), Catherine Mann, Ed and Suz.

From left to right front row: Virginia Kantra, unknown, Alesia Holliday and a lucky audience participant.