A Variety of Ramblings

So you’ll notice my running distance this week hasn’t budged since my long distance run last Sunday. I’ve been ill for just Monday, but the rest of the week I’ve been dizzy as a dickens. It’s improved for any side to side head movements, but every time my noggin moves up and down I weeble and wobble, but then I stop, so I won’t fall down. I’m really hoping it sorts itself out soon ’cause I miss running. :/

All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner. Do you have your pumpkins? Your candy? Your costume? Pillowcase? Mittens? Touque? Snowsuit? (There’s nothing that says “We live in a cold climate” more than a princess gone pudgy ’cause her costume is over her snowsuit!) Let’s hope the princesses don’t face that particular problem this year.

Tamagotchi. There are 3 in our house. Chloe, Clovr and Krisi. They’ve wasted enough time of mine already so I’m not saying another word. Hmmmph!

I’m just finishing up an online writing/editing course given by Margie Lawson. It was amazing! I learned so much and highly recommend it. Now it’s a mad dash editing run on RISING SIN to ready it for the Golden Heart and then I’ll finish TRAIL of REDEMPTION.

The CROCS fundraiser is gathering steam. We’ve got orders in for 30 pairs so it looks like they’ll be helping us out well on the year end trip we’ve got planned for the Sparks and Brownies. We’ll be taking at least 30 girls and sleeping over at Fort Edmonton Park and learning about the Pioneer ways and days. Then off to to Kidtropolis where the girls can act out a variety of career choices. After that we’ll trundle on over to Build-A-Bear and create a snuggly keepsake of our trip before rounding out the experience at Millenium Place with some rock wall climbing and wave pool swimming.

The girls are going to love it and that’s what it’s all about. :)


Do. Not. Edit. When. You. Are. Tired.

It drives you right around the bend bonkers.

So I’m going through RISING SIN looking for what are called throwaway words–words that are there, but don’t need to be.

Example: sat down. “Down” doesn’t need to be there. It’s redundant.

So this is what I’m doing with my FIND function and soon enough, my mind is fogging and I’m staring at my computer screen in a swooning stupor because I’ve realized “up” (after I’ve seen it a million and a half freaking times in only the first 3 chapters because I’m apparently addicted to it) is a rather silly word.

Say it.

Up. Up. Up. Up. Up. Up.



So is “some” and God, don’t get me started on that one, because I may not be able to make it back from the depths of insanity.

Long story short.

Do. Not. Edit. When. You. Are. Tired.

Go to bed instead. :)

Operation Rabbit

feetMy feet are fleet.

More fleet than I thought, so it’s a revelation that means a great deal to my runner’s heart.

My long distance run is up to 5 miles (8 km) and I’ll do 6 miles on Sunday.

Run, Rabbit, Run.

Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for…

My loving husband and delightful children, my supportive family who lead by example, the wonderful friends who grace my life and all the opportunites that I am given to better myself and the world around me.