Lessons from Piano

When I took piano lessons many a year ago, my Gramy would always comment on how nice it was to hear me play.

Honestly, I thought she was a bit loopy to say such a thing, as I didn’t consider myself overly talented. Competent, yes. Talented, no.

Now that my own daughters are taking lessons, I know she’s not loopy in the least.

There’s just something magical about hearing someone else play the piano. You can take the time to enjoy the nuances without having to remember that this particular measure is forte with a crescendo and that next up you’re switching back to mezzo forte with a half nelson pike twist accent agave in 3/4 timing and don’t forget the repeat.

So yes, I thoroughly enjoy my daughters’ practice sessions at home, as well as the music recitals they play in, not just for their contributions, but for the those of the other children, too.

From the shortest, sweetest song to the longer more complex works of the musical masters, the piano always sounds better when someone else is playing.