Marathon Kids

So yes, good things come from being a role model (didn’t Loreth tell me it was so? ;) and now I have 3 little girls who want to run in the Royal Victoria Kids Marathon on the day I run mine! In a nutshell, they do 41 kilometres of running (1 km at a time) before race day and the day of the race they run 1.2 km with all the other kids (and their dad as a chaperone). Wonderful!

So yesterday, my youngest daughter (5) decided her training had begun and that she was running with me. 3 kilometres later (remember she only had to do one) she said, “That’s good for today, Mom” and she veered off and sat on the hay bales, watching as I finished my circuits. What a kid! I won’t mention the other two were still sleeping in their beds. ;)

And here is an interesting article about another marathon child. Amazing. 5 years old and running 65 kilometres in 7 hours!