Deep Breath In

Deep Breath Out.

SO. American Title 3 starts tomorrow at Romantic Times. You can vote there (and read the work) or you can vote by email …

I’m a little nervous, but I’m bearing up under the strain. Just in case you are not entirely sure what’s happening tomorrow these are the details…

At approximately 11AM EST Romantic Times will post the ten finalist’s biographies, pictures and first lines. THE JUDGES will have commented ala Simon, Paula and Randy style.

You then click on the voting link. Put RISING SIN in the subject line if that’s your choice…I’m not above begging at this point, so please do! Now press Send.

Tell all your friends about the contest. Tell all your family. Tell everyone. This is a wonderful thing to have happen and I’m delighted to share the experience with you all and delighted that you’ve come to support me. Thanks!

NOW a random sampling from the judge’s comments in the very first American Title contest…you can see how their approach differs.

FLAVIA KNIGHTSBRIDGE: Your previous entries really shone, but this one makes the story seem cliched.
HILARY ROSS: The mix-up that has the hero and heroine rooming together doesn’t seem credible, at least as presented. And the heroine’s “tick-list” that the hero helps her with seems a rather bizarre contrivance.
LESLIE KAZANJIAN: Kate and Nick sound adorable, the plot wackily wonderful. I fully expect these two to make major waves with their reluctant shipboard romance–and to tug on our heartstrings along the way. This story promises satisfying character development along with a fun plot–always a winner in my book.

I’m not sure what the judges will have to say about my entry, but I’m bracing for the worst and anticipating the best. That way I’ve got both spectrums covered.