American Title III voting begins again…

But this time without me.

It was a disappointing day three weeks ago when fellow finalist
Lindsey Brookes and I received the news — our entries had been cut from the contest. Too few votes and there we were.


With the disappointment came a huge sense of relief though and a return to normal life. Three weeks is a good cut of time and in those weeks I’ve gotten back into a regular writing schedule which is a blessing unto itself.

The contest has been fantastic fun, but it definitely isn’t conducive to a stress free life, which wasn’t a bad thing, actually.

Before American Title, I was only focused on getting the words on the page and then submitting to the appropriate publishing house. I hadn’t considered the myriad other aspects to writing like deadlines, marketing and networking to name but just a few. I’ve learned a great deal and for that I am grateful.

And I’m extremely grateful for all of you that voted. Your support was incredible and I appreciate it so much. You’re an awesome bunch of people. My thanks to each and every one of you!

Be sure to head over to Romantic Times today and cast your vote. Six contestants are still in the running for the publishing contract with Dorchester. This next voting period will be a tough one as it falls over the Christmas holidays and ends New Years Eve, so be sure to help them all out and spread the word.

Had I not been cut, this is what you would have seen from me today.

Story Summary – Rising Sin

Foreign women are vanishing from Tokyo’s hostess clubs, but no one seems to care…until an American senator’s daughter and a girl from the wrong side of the tracks are among the missing.

Raised in a tumultuous home, Taren Gildman learned to rely on only one thing—herself. When her younger sister disappears in Tokyo and the local police aren’t motivated to find her, Taren sets out on her own.

Working undercover as a hostess, she discovers Emily’s disappearance is linked to a ruthless Japanese Mafia boss—a man with ties to sex-slavery. Taren cultivates his friendship, but it’s a high stakes gamble with deadly consequences and when her true identity is exposed, she’s forced to flee.

Not accustomed to offers of help, Taren is leery when sexy ex-Ranger, Zach Bodine, offers his. Eventually hope triumphs over her misgivings and while the two navigate the dangerous underworld of the Japanese Yakuza, Taren’s guarded heart stumbles and she falls in love with the enigmatic man.

It’s all in a day’s work to extract a politician’s kidnapped daughter, but the trick is finding her first. Zach Bodine is on a covert mission, so when he insinuates himself into Taren Gildman’s search, he has no qualms about lying and using her information to further his own agenda. That is, until his feelings for Taren begin interfering and he realizes that by fulfilling his duty, he may have to abandon and endanger the life of the woman he’s come to love.

Feel free to play judge Flavia, Hilary or Leslie in the comments. I’m tough enough to take it! ;)