Point of View – Perspective – First Impressions

Disclaimer: Much caffeine. Little sleep.
In the writer’s world we call it POV. Other people call it perspective. Or walking in another person’s shoes. No matter the label you pin to it, it’s important.

Cleaning the house top to bottom yesterday (O. M. G. – remind me NEVER to do that again!) I took a good look around and wondered what a first time visitor to our home might think.

Of course, my first thought was that walking in they’d see the wallpaper and decide we were demented, but then I remembered the first time I saw this house. I had focused on the people and not the surroundings. Perhaps a mistake, because we were here to buy the house. ;)

Diversity of thoughts and perspective are wondrous things. Embrace them and learn.

And what about first impressions? How often are we fooled by them? I’m thinking quite often. We are quick to snap that first picture and hold it forever in our minds.

Perhaps that person has some crazy wallpaper going on at that particular moment, but maybe they didn’t hang it. Maybe they inherited it. Maybe it’s not who they REALLY are.

Maybe your characters are doing the same?

It’s my opinion that wallpaper should be outlawed, but if it isn’t, I can always choose not to look.

Or get to know the wall underneath a bit better.