Book Sixteen – Daphne Published Entry

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

wallpaper hellIt’s a good thing I’ve got until May to get these entries read. Wallpaper is being stubborn…have rented a steamer as suggested by Toni and Devon.

Elbows ache. Head pounds.

Life is good, but strange.

Perhaps it’s the wallpaper glue getting to me, but I’ve had many profound life epiphanies while scraping.

Tomorrow I’m mudding and I’ll be painting my office. If I weren’t concerned with resale, it’d be lime green. Since I am, it’ll be either a pale yellow or a blah beige.


Did someone say resale?

I did.

We’re selling this house.



DH received a posting message today and come June/July we will be HERE.

Take a minute and enjoy the picture show. It’s gorgeous.

And even better, my mom has decided to come with us. :)