Monday, April 30th, 2007

Chaotic Kitchen I recieved a phone call from my dear aunt yesterday and whilst chatting she commented that I sounded like I was bordering the edge of hysteria.

Suffice it to say, it was probably an accurate assessment. I’d just arrived home from spending the day at the Girl Guide camp with about 60 girls and sadly, no fairy had sprinkled my house with anti-renovation dust and turned it into the magical palace I know it could be. I guess I have to work on that by myself (insert long and suffering sigh here).

On the upside, I’ve had a few epiphanies during this renovation.

Number One
. However long I think it requires to get something done, it is safe to double the time for a more accurate assessment. Estimated time of completion is now May 14. Give or take a few weeks. ;)

Number Two. Ice cold beer tastes divine when you are soaking in a hot tub (this I discovered last night after DH decided to ditch the house for awhile and I managed a break in his absence).

Number Three. Take-out food gets just as boring as home cooked food. And Ichiban noodles? We like to call them “yarn noodles”, but they are not a suitable meal/snack for anyone. 400 calories per package. Insane. I am banning them from my cupboards.

Number Four
. Drywall dust has got to be the most impervious substance on the earth. Nasty hobbitses.

Number Five. White walls are no longer my cup of tea. Once you have color on your walls, you can never return to plain white. Our walls only have Buttermilk, French Vanilla and Embrace, but wow, what a difference the color makes to the ambience.

Number Six. Crawling over the couch in your kitchen to get to your sink makes for rather nimble acrobatics. I’m considering my life as a trapeze artist next.

Number Seven
. The tax deadline waits for no one, so I’d best get at that. Revenue Canada wants my contribution (LOL – I can hear Carla laughing from down south…she’s had hers done for months!).