My Darling Mum

my mom

To live in hearts we leave behind
Is not to die.

~Thomas Campbell,
“Hallowed Ground”

My darling mom passed away in the early morning hours of Tuesday from breast cancer. I was able to be with her and I am so thankful for the opportunity of this past month. I feel as if I’ve been given a miracle to have spent these days with her.

I remind each and everyone of you to take good care and to perform monthly breast exams. Your families love and need you.

A little prevention is a lot of cure.

Catch Up

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

FoyerWow. Where does one start? I guess with what caused my lengthy absence in the first place, the renovations…which are now DONE!

Can you see me grinning? :)

All our hard work paid off and the first people through made us an offer and (fingers crossed) the conditions will be removed in a few days and then we’ll be off to Yellowknife to look for our new home (more crossed fingers).

LivingroomNow even though things are calm here on the house front, I’ll still be absent from the blogosphere as I’m away visiting my mom. She’s in palliative care now and so the little ladies and I are pretty much stuck to her side these days. We’re getting in lots of visiting and chatting and hugs and whatnot, so things are as well as can be expected.

In the meantime, I’ll drop in as I pop home for visits with BH (taking a page from Toni’s book in which she refers to hers as “beloved husband”) and know that I’m thinking of you all and missing you.