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IMG_2469I’m one of those people who wants to do EVERYTHING and so I’ve spent many years learning and learning and learning. I can tell you I’m certified for many trades and occupations, but what always squeezes my heart are children and the written word. I love to see little ones happy and in regards to writing, whether I’ve read it or written it, words just grab me and twist me inside out. The power of a child’s smile or a resounding sentence can change our thinking, our outlook, our lives. It’s done so for me and I’m sure it has for you, too.

While it’s been awhile since I’ve written with the thought of being published, I’m just jumping back into that particular arena. At the moment, I’m digging through old manuscripts seeing what I’ve got and I’m also writing my newest book. Other than that, you’ll find me looking after little ones (I’m an ECE), Soul Coaching®, perusing stock charts (I am a professional trader of stocks, options, futures and forex) or thinking about running (I still want to complete that marathon!). My ex-military husband and I make our home in gorgeous Fernie, British Columbia and quite often you can see us out enjoying all of nature’s splendour with our three teenaged daughters and two crazy dogs. And oh. I like guinea pigs. We have just two right now, but you never know when more might come. And I might start agility training with them soon, too!


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