American Title III – And then there were 4

Round four voting begins again today at Romantic Times. You’ve got until February 4 to cast your vote for your favorite dialogue scene.

January 2nd the voting guillotine descended yet again and this time contestants Judi Fennell and Kate Carlisle felt the blade. They’ve now joined the rest of us on exile island while Raz Steel (Pass the Kryptonite), Kim Howe (One Shot, Two Kills), Linda Thomas-Sundstrom (Barbie and the Beast), and Jenny Gardiner (Sleeping with Ward Cleaver) are on stage with their best writing word forward for the Dialogue Scene.

And because many of you are curious, here’s what you’d have seen from
Rising Sin…

SET UP – Zach and Taren are shopping to replace her stolen clothes.

“I like this one,” Zach said, holding up a bustier of barely there red lace.

“Hmm,” Taren murmured, trying not to imagine him peeling it from her body. “Sorry, I’m looking for function, not effect.”

“This is functional,” he defended.

Only for staging a seduction. She moved to the pre-packaged underwear with wide elastic waistbands. These were what she needed.

Zach approached with several colorful strings she assumed were panties. She shook her head.

He scowled, plucking her choices from her basket and examining them with open distaste. “You sure know how to ruin a good time.”

“There is no good time,” she said. “Get over it. Besides,” she waved her hand at his strings, “you try wearing butt floss.”

His eyebrow quirked. “I didn’t think you had anything against it,” he said.

“What are you talking about?”

“Last night, on the ladder…” his voice lost its gusto as she pierced him with a suspicious stare.

“No panty lines.”

“I thought I caught you checking out my butt.”

Zach only shrugged, clearly not willing to incriminate himself further.

“For your information, there were no panty lines because there were no panties.”

“No panties?” he asked.


“So right now you’re not wearing…?”

“That’s right, soldier.” She moved in close. So close she could feel lust radiating off him in hot, heavy waves. “Commando. Right here, right now.” She tapped her finger on his hard chest.

“As.” Tap.

“We.” Tap.

“Speak.” Tap. Tap.

Zach’s eyes widened and his nostrils flared. Taren winked and spun on her heel, sauntering to the checkout while his burning gaze caressed her behind.

She smiled slyly. Zach Bodine wasn’t the only one who could deliver heat.