Time and a Quandary

In my world, time is a precious commodity. Between homeschooling three children, all their various activities, volunteering for Girl Guides and writing, I’m fairly particular (most days) about what I spend my free time on.

Reading is one of those activities that I denote a fair amount of my free time to. I’m lucky that it falls hand in hand with writing. If it didn’t, I — well…I just don’t want to think about it!

What to do, though, when you get a book that just doesn’t resonate with you?

How long do you give it before you set it down, never to pick it up again?

Or maybe you keep on slogging through and finish it anyway?

In case you haven’t figured it out, this is a precursor to tomorrow’s post on Book Four. The bad news is that I didn’t finish it. The good news is that I get to start a new book today!

My quandary is that it was my intention to post the books I’ve read to my blog this year, thus keeping a system of logging them. However, if I didn’t finish I can hardly give it a score and then there’s the fact that I truly believe in keeping one’s trap shut if you can’t say something nice.

But then, is that a realistic attitude given the publishing industry is full of attitude and reviews? Not likely, but still, I won’t diss anyone’s book. Just like a child, those words belong to someone and they are precious to them.

When my publishing days come, I can only hope my words are treated with the same amount of respect. For the most part.

Ah jeez. You’d think I’d’ve learned from American Title! I’d better start toughening up now, huh? ;)