A Boxed Up Life

BoxesI’m tired.

So tired.

I am truly and seriously tired of boxing up all my different facets so they are separate and distinct and easy for people to “get.” Mostly this has happened from an advertising and social media standpoint, but oh là, have these last few years been exhausting. A page for this. A website for that. An account for this and another for that.


Soul Coach.

Property Manager.

Essential Oil Advocate.

Real Estate Agent.

Feng Shui Practioner.

Professional Stock Trader. 

All of them separate and distinct and so very fractional.

AAAAAAARGH! Shoot me now! (not literally – that was metaphoric)

think know I fell prey to the gimmicky marketing stuff that says one needs to hone in on one’s market so that potentially uninformed people will know exactly what it is you are offering and therefore they will somehow become miraculously decisive and buy in to your miracle the moment they land on your very concise page.

Good God.


No. Not Really.

I am so done with that. If you need help, you’ll get it. You don’t need me (or anyone else!) trying to convince you. If you *need* lettuce, you *get* lettuce. It’s pretty simple. Try to remember that the next time the late night infomercials are on.

SO. Be forewarned. It’s about to get messy, folks. I’m here for me. I’m not selling my stuff, I’m just here to be happy and to leave some thoughts. Feel free to follow along if you want to, but I can’t guarantee the ride is going to be laser focused. In fact, it won’t be focused. It’s going to be scattered like sh*t in a field, but I think it’s going to fun sh*t. At least most of the time. I’m all about spreading the love, you know?

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