Fishing Derby and Other Firsts

526_2676To successfully attend your first Fishing Derby…

1. Dress in only 3 layers and leave your mittens at home. The weather in the north has never been know to change FAST. Never. You won’t lose feeling in your hands the first ten minutes out. Honest. 3 layers is plenty of protection.

2. Next, be sure to pack no food in your boat so that you and everyone else are miserable when DH, the Fisherman King, decides to skip coming in for lunch so that he can eke out every last moment of the derby.

3. DO nearly lose the prize winning fish as DH brings it to the boat and you scoop with the net. It makes for very terse words and strained expressions which I’m sure you’ll be able to laugh about. In a few years.

4. Be certain to not fish. Your job is to keep everyone else happy and untangle fish hooks from children’s hair and clothing and speak through clenched teeth as situations require (see 3).

5. LOL. A lot. Now.

Seriously, we had lots of fun at the fishing derby and came home with many prizes, but it was a chilly day. We’ve eaten all our fish for supper last night and they were tasty. NWT pike is a treat.

And more firsts!

We saw a mother black bear and her cubs on shore while we were fishing. They were rooting around and digging up the ground.


I’ve forgotten to mention that two weeks ago I saw my first NWT aurora borealis. Can you imagine? The northern lights in August? I was amazed and captivated. So beautiful.

Recycling Request

I just want to let it be known that I am a phenomenal, I repeat PHENOMENAL recycler. So phenomenal that I’m annoying. Just ask DH, he’ll tell you all about it.

However anal phenomenal I may be, my organizational skills at said recycling are rather lacking. I’d hoped I’d be better at this house, but sadly it is not the case.

For a week the blue box of cardboard and paper and cans sat by the fireplace in the livingroom before being relegated to the foyer. There they sat, in the way, for a few more days. I won’t mention the stack of paper and how it has been taking up space on my beautiful counter since we moved in.

Then we had visitors coming, so I moved everything to the garage (read: DH’s sacred space). Now understand that the garage is lacking a certain order at the moment due to an overabundance of crap DH’s beloved items and so the blue boxes are sitting in the middle of the floor, on some boxes, kind of up high where they are hard to reach (don’t ask how I got them up there, I damned near killed myself, but it was the only place, I swear).

Since I’m pressed for time and a bit on the short side (not to mention lazy), I’ve developed the habit of opening the door from house to garage and sort of pitching the milk jugs to the blue bin. Due to their squished state and awkward flight plan most of the time they miss and bounce off into the abyss.

At some point DH is going to wander around the other side of the boxes and find the milk jugs and lose his mind. Of course, I could go get a ladder and put them in proper, but the element of danger involved with DH’s mind loss adds a certain excitement to my recycling endeavors.

However, I am nothing if not thoughtful (most of the time), so my friends, colleagues and cohorts, in deference to DH’s sanity, I need your help. Send me your fabulous recycling tips and ideas for staying organized.


It would be most helpful and I shall remain forever indebted (mostly).

A Deficiency

Having come from Alberta which has a fabulous library system in which you can access books from across the province and sometimes even Canada, I’m feeling a bit glum tonight.

I’ve gone and gotten my library card. It was free, but I wouldn’t have minded to pay a membership fee — especially if it meant there were more books available.

The sad truth is that NWT does not have enough books. I understand completely that they don’t have near the population base as Alberta, but still I’m glum.

I have a burgeoning list of books that I want to read, but are not yet in my possession. I have searched through the NWT library system and found TWO of them. Two of approximately twenty.

Oh boy.

Did I mention that I’m really, really, REALLY glad that there’s a great book store in town and that Amazon and Chapters have free shipping after $39?

It’s going to be a lifesaver, but man, there goes my budget.

What about you? Do you buy new/used, use the library, a combination of both?