Book Sixteen – Daphne Published Entry

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

wallpaper hellIt’s a good thing I’ve got until May to get these entries read. Wallpaper is being stubborn…have rented a steamer as suggested by Toni and Devon.

Elbows ache. Head pounds.

Life is good, but strange.

Perhaps it’s the wallpaper glue getting to me, but I’ve had many profound life epiphanies while scraping.

Tomorrow I’m mudding and I’ll be painting my office. If I weren’t concerned with resale, it’d be lime green. Since I am, it’ll be either a pale yellow or a blah beige.


Did someone say resale?

I did.

We’re selling this house.



DH received a posting message today and come June/July we will be HERE.

Take a minute and enjoy the picture show. It’s gorgeous.

And even better, my mom has decided to come with us. :)

A Formal Apology

To all the residents of Cold Lake. I’m sorry. Yesterday I packed away our winter things and brought out the spring/summer clothes and so of course it brought snow.

Mea culpa.

Please forgive me.

On to other things, Easter was lovely at my mom’s and we had a great visit.

Things are hectic in our house right now. Lots of changes going on (mostly due to renovations)…I should think about posting some before and after pics, shouldn’t I? I’ll wait until the after to do it, though. I don’t want to depress anyone. ;)

If my posts are sporadic, don’t worry. I’m only stripping. Wallpaper. sigh

Feet That Are Happy and Happy Feet

happy-feet-DVDcoverSo while everyone is raving about Casino Royale and the new James Bond (Daniel somebody ;) ), I (because I have children) get to go see Happy Feet.

Which is fine by me. I can catch Casino Royale on DVD.

Besides, I like penguins. And Robin Williams and I hear that the late Steve Irwin has a voice part, too. Plus I love popcorn. Bonus!

And though I’ve been feeling lousy the last few days with a sore throat thing, I did a little retail therapy to ease my illness. Feast your eyes on these babies…I dare winter to test me now!baffin-boots

These Boots by Baffin are rated to -60C (-76F), have oil and acid resistant uppers and steel plated toes just in case I should run into an oil rig that needs my expertise. My daddy always did say it was better to be warm than to look good. I think he was talking about these boots!

What Happens Next – Rising Sin Excerpt


Cold and shivering, the young woman lay naked on the worn tatami mat. Chattering teeth grazed the edge of her tongue and she winced at the bright stab of pain. The coppery taste of blood spurred her senses and she pulled in tighter, cocooning her frail body within thin arms, trying to conserve precious heat. Just returned from her daily bath, skin damp, hair still dripping, the room’s cool air easily wicked away what body warmth she had.

Her body slackened, a protruding hipbone digging hard into the woven straw beneath her. Dull pulses of pain coursed along nerve endings drawn taut with the beginnings of withdrawal, but for now, her mind focused on the biting chill of the air. Her head lolled at an awkward angle as more shivers racked through her, the convulsions overtaking her aching muscles. Would her body finally snap?

Moments, minutes, hours later—she could no longer tell—thoughts returned with vague clarity. As if suspended over her life in a silken web of confusion, she was held hostage in a macabre nightmare, never quite discerning truth from hallucination.

She was due for another dose of drugs—the throb in her temple had steadily increased to an intense pounding—and while she loathed the idea of being held captive to that, too, if someone didn’t come soon, she would sink. Into the darkest depths of desperate need and she didn’t know if she could live through that. There was no place more horrific.

Not even downstairs.

The door opened and her legs twitched, blind instinct overriding addiction for the smallest thread of time. The sharp click of boots on the floor sounded up through her pulsing skull—bogeyman’s teeth snapping and gnashing, daring her to run, to flee, but then as he bent, his clothes whispered, promising salvation and soon everything would be warm and bright and beautiful.

The glorious prick of the needle then and behind it, tiny flames licking at her chilled skin and elation so pure her eyes rolled back in their sunken sockets. The heat radiated from within her now, stroking her with a lover’s gentle touch as hot, vibrant colors spread through her limbs and happiness buoyed her spirit to new heights.

Safe and warm and loved, she drifted off to sleep.

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American Title III – Best First Line

Monday, October 16th, 2006

American Title 3 BannerRISING SIN (Romantic Suspense)

First Line:

Cold and shivering, the young woman lay naked on the worn tatami mat.

Judges’ Comments:

Flavia Knightsbridge — It’s a little passive, but I like the detail of the tatami mat. It might hint at an exotic setting that would make your book stand out from the suspense pack.

Hilary Ross — There could be lots of reasons for her condition (including being a prisoner in Japan!). I’ve seen similar first sentences, so this one isn’t that original.

Leslie Kazanjian — A vivid, evocative and atmospheric opening line that urges you to read on.

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campfireLet’s just say I’m packing heat these days. Ayup. It’s true. There’s heat in them there ducts!

And it’s from natural gas and not wood.

What a concept.

No more chopping wood, no more laying on the cold cement floor to start the day’s fire, no more acrid smoke blowing back in my face as adjustments are made mid-day, no more blazing hot rooms while others are freezing cold…this modern techno stuff is amazing!

Operation Rabbit

feetMy feet are fleet.

More fleet than I thought, so it’s a revelation that means a great deal to my runner’s heart.

My long distance run is up to 5 miles (8 km) and I’ll do 6 miles on Sunday.

Run, Rabbit, Run.

Please Help Me I’m Faaaaaalling…

So, I’m amazed that I managed to Blog today. I’ve been pretty busy with my new laminator. Did I tell you how much I like my new laminator? :)

Honestly though, I think I’m addicted and I’m pretty sure it’s just short of a small miracle that I haven’t started going door to door with it.

knock, knock.

“Hi, I’m your neighbor from down the road, do you need anything laminated?”

Yes. I can only imagine how well that would go over in the neighborhood. :/

As DH would say…”Freak!”, but of course, he says it in the nicest way possible, because I’m his freak. :)

So, yeah. I’ve been laminating and I’ve pretty much gotten everything that isn’t nailed down and can fit through the insertion slot. I’m officially out of things to plasticize.

Do you need anything done?

Send it along. I’d be glad to help out. :)

The Fallen Four

fallen-fourTonight in Mayerthorpe, Alberta the tears will be flowing freely.


I’m sure you remember last March, when we lost four of our Mounties in a tragic event that gripped the entire country with disbelief and despair. Months have passed since that terrible day, but time has not lessened our thoughts of those involved.

The RCMP Musical Ride is making a special appearance in Mayerthorpe to honour not only the Fallen Four, but the town and its citizens, as well.

In times of grief, words are trite, but to the town, to the families of the men who died, to the men themselves…Peter Schiemann, Leo Johnston, Anthony Gordon, and Brock Myrol, and to the men and women to continue to serve our country, my heartfelt gratitude.