Cold Lake…is it cold?

You’ve got to wonder why people ask the obvious, but yes, Cold Lake is cold.

How cold?

So cold you can wade in and your feet go numb within a matter of seconds depending on the capabilities of your circulatory system. Since my circulatory system is rather challenged, you can guess I stay out of the water for the most part. (It has *nothing* to do with how I look in a bathing suit. Honest. ;)

Kids on the other hand don’t seem to care how cold it is (or what they look like in a bathing suit for that matter). They’ll submerge themselves, gasp at the shock of entering truly arctic waters, turn instantaneously blue and have goosebumps the size of small ice floes popping out on their skin and still insist through clacking teeth that they’re “Not Cold. Can’t we stay in for just a few more minutes?”

Invariably though the fun must end before hypothermia sets in or child welfare is called.

Such is summer in Cold Lake.

In actuality, rumor has it that the water is mostly tolerable come August (my tourism board made me say that ;)

Winter is another story all together.

French Bay Cold LakeThe lake in all her deceptive splendor.

Regardless of her coldness, she’s a beauty, isn’t she?